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A brunette woman dressed in a delicate black outfit and pencil skirt stands gracefully in front of a tall window, casting subtle light into a luxurious hotel room.


Refined Companionship for the Selective Gentleman

A brunette woman in a sheer suit adorned with diamond details poses confidently in front of a sleek black marble wall.


Welcome to the exclusive world of Maxime Di, a haven where luxury meets heartfelt connection. I'm delighted you're joining me on this exquisite adventure of intimacy and discovery.

Step into elegance and sophistication with me, Maxime, your guide in the refined art of sensual relaxation, delivering massages that are nothing short of artistic masterpieces. I revel in my femininity, dressing in the finest attire and luxe lingerie, just a whisper of the enigma that lies beneath.

More than just a poised exterior, I offer a warmth and understanding, a refuge for your innermost sentiments. I believe in building genuine, affectionate connections, forming the cornerstone of an exceptional Girlfriend Experience.

Join me in crafting a journey of unforgettable encounters and emotional depth. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary story waiting to unfold.

Dive into my world; together, let's explore the extraordinary.

Well, aren't you a pleasant surprise!


''Maxime, Maxime, Maxime! A blend of class, charm, and a touch of mischief. A day with her is like sipping the finest champagne – bubbly, intoxicating, and leaves you wanting more.''

- Benjamin T.

"If companionship was an art, Maxime Di would be its Picasso."

- L

"Oh, Maxime! Who knew an afternoon stroll could be filled with so many inside jokes and detours? Your spirited heart is a treasure. Ready for round two?''

- Maarten L.

''Your charm and wit are unmatched. Until next time!''

- Hendrik D.

"Dear Maxime Di, thank you for making every moment feel special. Your laughter is contagious, and your presence is truly refreshing. Cheers to more adventures!''

- Daan W.

''Spending time with you, Maxime, is always a delight. Your genuineness shines through in every interaction. Here's to more shared laughs and moments!''

- P.


  • Where can clients arrange to meet with Maxime for her companionship services?
    Clients have several options when it comes to meeting Maxime. She is available for encounters at their private residences, upscale hotels, serene private spas, as well as sophisticated dinner dates. For those with a wanderlust, Maxime is also open to accompanying clients on travel adventures.
  • How are payments processed for Maxime's services?
    To maintain discretion and simplicity, payments should ideally be made in cash at the commencement of the date. For a deeper understanding of the payment process and etiquette, please see our etiquette page. Clients who wish to show further appreciation also have the option of selecting thoughtful gifts from Maxime's wishlist.
  • What can a client expect from a date with Maxime?
    A date with Maxime is a bespoke experience tailored to the desires of the client. While she ensures an atmosphere of luxury, relaxation, and genuine connection, it's also characterized by her discretion, professionalism, and dedication to providing an unforgettable experience.
  • What are Maxime's expectations from her clients?
    Maxime values mutual respect, kindness, and discretion. She anticipates her clients to be well-mannered, punctual, and to handle all arrangements with professionalism. For a comprehensive understanding of what is expected, clients can refer to our etiquette page.
  • How does Maxime cater to special requests or particular desires from her clients?
    Maxime understands that each client may have unique desires or special requests. She endeavors to accommodate these to the best of her ability, ensuring that the experience is tailored to individual preferences. It's always best to communicate any such requests during the booking process, allowing Maxime to prepare and ensure the date meets the client's expectations.
  • What's the most efficient way to get in touch with Maxime for booking her services?
    Clients can effortlessly reach Maxime through various channels. Whether it's her dedicated booking form, direct email, or phone, all details can be found on our etiquette page. For a seamless experience, it's advisable to get in touch well in advance.
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